Equipment and Safety

Modular Low Pressure Skid sprayer

Eco Mold Go Sprayer System

Other Equipment Options to Apply Eco Mold Go

Pressure Demand Pump

Pressure Demand Pump 12 Volt DC. or 120 Volt AC. Rated for Chemicals, Cleaning Fluids or Detergents.

Note – Pressure Washers: You Cannot use the injector system on the pressure washer because it’s meant for applying detergents only and will not get the right mix ratio. Note: Check with pressure washer manufacturer for chemical compatibility.

Personal Protection

Wear Personal protective safety equipment appropriate to the task being undertaken. Consider break-through times of all protective equipment.
Eye protection: Safety goggles or full face shield.
Skin protection: Wear proper protective chemical resistant gloves overalls or apron when handling chemicals.
Respiratory protection: Wear an approved respiratory mask.

Safety Note

Each Work Site must be evaluated and safety methods established. Guide-lines set for handling any chemicals should be paramount and standards set for control of spills, leaks and skin exposure must be compliant with local and federal laws. Ensure work area is properly ventilated.
Caution: Keep away from Pets, Children, Heat and Flames.
Caution: Eco Mold GO will become slippery after applying on surfaces. Spillage will cause a slippery condition.
Caution: Avoid exposure to skin and eyes. Wash all exposed skin thoroughly after handling. Do not eat, drink or smoke in work area.
Disposal: Triple rinse container per your local city regulations, puncture and please recycle or dispose of properly.