Ideas, Innovations and Discoveries Start at Eco Mold Go, and in our industry things are changing on how Exterior Black Algae, Mildew, Moss and Lichen contaminated surfaces can now be cleaned and the environmental impact of that cleaning. Home-Owners, Condo Associations and Store Fronts are looking to move away from the unproductive outdated destructive habits of the past and now accept new technology in order to fully eradicate the growth with lasting results. Our research has shown tainted surfaces are more than a visible concern due to the fact the underlying problem is deeply-seated within the substrate and must be treated as an intrusive living organism not a stain in order to achieve a Long Lasting Crystal Clean Surface.
  • Q: Are There Any Safety Precautions Required for Children or Pets after Treatment?

    A: As a Pre-Caution all Children and Pets Should Be Inside During any Eco Mold Go Application and Not Allowed to Walk on the Treated Surface Prior to a 48 Hour Cure Time.
    Do Not Walk on Treated Surface with Bare Feet.
    Remove all Foot Protection before entering home if Walked on Treated Surface.

  • Q: Can I Use Eco Mold Go on My Tub or Shower?

    A: We do not market or recommend Eco Mold Go for any indoor use.

  • Q: Does Temperature Affect Eco Mold Go?

    A: Yes Excessively high or low temperatures will produce poor results and possible harm. If air temperature exceed 90° Fahrenheit, flash mist the surface with water to cool before applying product.
    Eco Mold Go Pro-Clean become less efficient and predictable with the risk of incomplete results if applied when Air and Surface Temperatures Fall Below 50 Degrees. Optimum Results Are Obtained When Temperatures Maintain 50° Fahrenheit Or Above. Do Not Allow To Freeze.

  • Q: How Long Will Eco Mold Go Last?

    A: Eco Mold Go is a High Performance but Gentle Proprietary Exterior Algae Cleaning Solution Formulated to Encapsulate and Penetrate Deep into Surface Pores to Safely Remove Black Algae Stains, Algae, Fungus, Mildew and Biological Growths. It continues to clean long after the stains cannot be seen by the Naked Eye. Stains on most surfaces will remain clean for 12 to 24 Months or Longer unlike other cleaning methods that use Bleach, Chlorine, Pressure Cleaning or Surface Scrubbing.

  • Q: Can I Use a High Pressure Washer to Apply Eco Mold Go?

    A: Yes You can apply Eco Mold Go using a Standard Pressure Washer using low pressure plumbed directly to a solution tank. You Cannot use the injector system on the pressure washer because it's meant for applying detergents only and will not get the right mix ratio. Note: Check with pressure washer manufacturer for chemical compatibility.

  • Q: Will Roof Algae/ Mold and Moss Become Slippery After Applying Eco Mold Go?

    A: Yes Eco Mold Go Will Become Slippery and Extra Caution is Required When Applied to Algae, Fungi or Moss Surfaces.

  • Q: Will Eco Mold Go Remove Roof Moss and Lichens?

    A: Yes Eco Mold Go is Very Effective in the Removal of Roof Moss and Lichens

  • Q: Will Eco Mold Go Remove Artillery Mold?

    A: Depends Artillery Mold Is Extremely Difficult To Remove. It creates a protective enamel shell around itself that's nearly impossible to penetrate. The best way to remove Artillery Mold is to prevent it from occurring. Artillery Mold is known as the Nuisance Fungi, but that description does not begin to describe it. The Mold Appears as Tight Cluster Groups of Small Black Dots that typically take hold of building walls, roofs and eventually over time spread to other parts of the structure. Artillery Mold is found in the majority of Ground Mulch That's Placed Around the Exterior of Buildings.

  • Q: Will Eco Mold Go Clean Dirt, Pollen, Sap, Soot or Tannin Stains?

    A: Eco Mold Go was not designed to remove Dirt, Pollen, Tree Sap, Soot or Tannin Stains Created From Leaves, Fruit, Flowers or Nuts on Concrete, Brickwork, Roof Tiles or Pavers

  • Q: Will Eco Mold Go Work on Rust Stains?

    A: Eco Mold Go was not designed to remove Rust Stains. Use Eco Mold Go Heavy Duty Stain Remover

  • Q: Will Eco Mold Go Work on My Gutters?

    A: Eco Mold Go was not designed to remove black vertical streaks (Referred to as Tiger Stripes) from light colored gutters but will remove any green or black algae stains. Use Eco Mold Go Gutter Clean

  • Q: Will Eco Mold Go Work on Cedar Shake, Tile, Asphalt Shingle, Metal or Rubber Roofs?

    A: Yes Eco Mold Go will work on all of these surfaces and does not contain any Sodium Hypochlorite or Acid. We have never had any problems with these surfaces but there are many types of stains, building materials and grades of materials on the market and you should always test a small area first to make sure.
    Eco Mold Go will remove black or green stains caused by algae and mildew but will not return grayed or damaged wood to its original condition.

  • Q: Can I Spray Eco Mold Go on Pool Cages? Will it Harm the pool?

    A: Yes Eco Mold Go works very well on pool cages! Make sure that the pool filter is running when you apply Eco Mold Go and use a mixture of (1 gallon of concentrate to 7 gallons of water). Let the pool pump run for 24 hours after the application and check the PH. We also recommend using Eco Mold Go Gutter Clean.

  • Q: Can I Spray The Surface Down With Water Every Few Days To Make Eco Mold Go Work Quicker?

    A: We do not recommend this! We have no data to support that this technique will expedite the removal process and it may have a negative impact on the treated surface.

  • Q: What If I Apply Eco Mold Go and it doesn’t Rain For Several Weeks?

    A: It is all right if you do not get rain for several weeks. It's better than getting rain immediately after the application.

  • Q: Can Eco Mold Go Be Used as a Preventative Treatment?

    A: Eco Mold Go is an excellent preventative treatment! After the initial cleaning, use a mixture of (1 gallon of Eco Mold Go to 7 gallons of water) every 12 months to keep algae stains from returning depending on the surface.

  • Q: Can I Paint, Stain or Seal a Surface After Using Eco Mold Go On It? If So, How Long Do I Have To Wait Before Painting / Staining The Surface? Do I Need To Rinse The Surface First?

    A: Yes, you can Paint/Seal or Stain surfaces after applying Eco Mold Go on them. If you're in a hurry simply pressure wash 36-48 later using low pressure (900psi) or under till clean. There will be a slight residual film left on surface that insures complete removal of deeply embedded biological growth spores that cannot be seen by the naked eye. You don't have to pressure wash or rinse surface simply wait till the Algae Stains are removed with subsequent rainfall overtime, when clean Paint/Seal or Stain.

  • Q: Will Eco Mold Go Work on Stucco, Brick, Siding, Composite Decking, Outdoor Furniture, RV’s, Pool Surrounds, Fences, Pavers, Landscaping Stones, Awnings, Painted or Stained Surfaces and Wood?

    A: Yes, Eco Mold Go will work on almost any exterior surface and actually works faster on these surfaces then on roof surfaces.

  • Q: Will Eco Mold Go Work On Composite Decking Such as Trex? And/or Wood

    A: Yes! Eco Mold Go works extremely well on all composite decks. Follow the directions on the label as if you're were applying to any exterior surface.

  • Q: Can I Apply Eco Mold Go on Exterior Marble, Granite, Concrete Driveways and Sidewalks?

    A: Eco Mold Go works well on these surfaces but can react with black algae staining on flat concrete surfaces which will result in that area turning a slight reddish / orange discoloration and confirms Eco Mold Go is working properly to remove the algae, mildew and moss from the surface. Do not be alarmed it will dissipate within 24-36 hours after the application.

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