Eco Mold Go Foam Agent

Eco Mold Go Foam Agent is a highly concentrated blend of surfactants specifically formulated to produce foam in Acidic or Alkaline based solutions. It creates thick wet versatile foam that allows extended dwell times on all types of surfaces for additional cleaning power. This product can be used in conjunction with Eco Mold Go or Acids as a phenomenal one-two punch. It also allows extended dwell times for vertical surfaces and Acid rinsing.

      1. Suitable Exterior Substrates; All types of exterior building surfaces including Tile, Slate, Limestone, Sandstone, Blue Stone, Terra Cotta, Concrete, Brick, Block, Cast Stone, Stucco, Wood, Unpolished Marble and Granite.

    2. Spray-on/ rinse-off application process improves productivity.

    3. VOC compliant

    4. Non-Hazardous

Download Product Specifications

Download Specifications